Tooth Brushing

I recently went to the dentist to have my teeth cleaned. He told me that I have some slight receding of the gums, probably due to an incorrect tooth brushing technique. Apparently, I’ve been doing it wrong all these years.

I should be using a very gentle up/down circular motion, with NO “sawing back and forth,” as he put it. It’s true, I have been sawing. So he says it is not a big deal yet, just to be sure to brush using the method he described.

It is SO HARD!

Trying to re-train myself do do something that comes so automatically, and that I’ve been doing for so long. Even when I am really thinking about it, the next thing I know I’ve tuned out and am sawing away.

I think I might have to start brushing with my left hand. Since it feels weird and foreign and wrong anyway, maybe it will be easier to unlearn my bad habit.

So friends, if there are more toothpaste spots on the bathroom mirror that usual when you visit me, you will know why.

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I hate google today!!!

Finally, I was going to post some more drawings, but waht – what’s that google? You have decided to screw the subscribers to picasa web albums and force them to sign up for google plus in order to access their own photos that they’ve already uploaded to picasa? And I have to check “I understand the changes to picasa” even though you haven’t explained them anywhere? Oh, and then even when I decide to give up and check all your little boxes and agree to you shitty privace policy and allow you to use my location (which I totally do NOT want to do), I still can’t upload images off my iPad unless I download the google + app. FUCK you! I am so mad right now. I guess that company motto “Don’t be evil” is ironic now. I just want to scream and cry and break something.

I know, for a person who keeps a blog with pretty personal stuff on it sometimes that is seems counter intuitive, but I don’t really want the whole world to see my photos and know where they were taken. And I especially don’t want to be forced to join their ersatz social networking bullshit just to keep on using a service I’ve been using for years.

I already give you enough, google! You already have more personal information about me than my mother, from blood type to hat size, and I refuse to let you have my face, too. I REFUSE! (That’s right, it has a handy “auto face recognition” feature).

Here’s a tip for you google: if you want people to use google +, make it better! Don’t coerce all of your current users into signing up, just do they can keep using those nice programs and services that you bought and took over, just so you can make your numbers look better.

I know 1984 is here and I should give up any notion I have about internet and privacy, but I still somehow thought google was my friend. I like gmail, and I love google drive, but dammit, I don’t like social networking sites, and I damn sure don’t want my entire life’s worth of photos connected to one. I think some compartmentalization in a persons life is a good thing.

And maybe I will capitulate, because it is easier than downloading all of those photos, saving them onto my computer, and uploading them all back to some other web album, but I will NOT be happy about it!

Finally, don’t nobody come in here commenting about how there is some work-around or how it shouldn’t work this way blah blah. I am talking about what just happened to me today, and I don’t care to do any research before I rant. I am sick with impotent fury, like I got cut off in traffic, or I got home from a store and realized I didn’t get the sale price on something that I only bought in the first place because it was on sale, but it is too late to do anything productive about it. In other words, like I got screwed, life is not fair, etc., etc. Maybe in a few more days I’ll have calmed down enough to give this another look. For now, this rant is all I have.  Otherwise I’d have to go and break dishes or something, but then I’d just have to clean it all up.

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Day 24

Day 24 is a couple.  I think they probably meant a romantically-linked pair of human persons, but I didn’t go that way with it.  I thought about drawing Joseph and Snake, because they were sitting on the couch together like a couple of pals.  Instead, I joined them on the couch and drew my feet.  I thought it would be a fun drawing challenge, and I like the image of them as a couple.

In Alexander McCall Smith’s No. 1 Ladies Detective agency series, one of the characters imagines that her shoes talk to her, calling her boss (as in “you lead the way boss”) and I just love that.  Ever since I have started reading those books, I think I have anthropomorphized my feet a little bit.  Sometimes, I apologize to them when I put on uncomfortable shoes, and sometimes I curse them (one toe in particular) due to some toenail problems.

Presented without further commentary, my couple (of feet).

Day 24: A Couple – my feet

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Day 23

Something you need.  Need is a word that I always have a hard time with.  I mean, all of my real needs are already met.  So, something I want in such a bad way that I need it…

I have this pair of shoes that I really love, and they are so far beyond worn out that I really can’t wear them anymore and yet I can’t bring myself to part with them.  Actually, I have (and have had) many pairs of shoes that meet that description.  Most of them were/are birkenstocks.  This particular pair are dark red leather t-strap mary janes with a wedge heel (just a nice maybe 3-4″ wedge that is nearly flat under the toe, and not a giant 5″ rise with an extra 2″ inch platform under the toe that every wedge heel seems to have right now).  I think they were Kenneth Cole, but they are so worn out that the logo is gone.  The inside of the shoe is peeling and flaking in such a way that it feels really gross to wear them.  Every time I do, part of the inside of the shoe sticks to my foot and comes off with me when I take them off.  It is really gross, and I really should throw them away.  I know this.

So what I really need is a new pair of shoes just like them.  Apparently they aren’t even in style anymore, since I can’t seem to find anything remotely similar for sale anywhere, but I don’t care.  I am not ready to give up these shoes, and yet I really can’t keep wearing them.    Rock, hard place, etc.

Day 23: Something you need – a pair of replacement shoes!


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Day 22

Day 22 is “Something you miss.”  Like so many things, I’ve only truly grown to appreciate nap time now that I don’t have it anymore. Or maybe I’m just sleepy right now.

Day 22: Something you Miss – Naptime

But wouldn’t it be cool if every day after lunch, we go to close our office doors, roll out a mat and a pillow (and a blankie), and nap for an hour?

(First time I’ve used the pencil tool in Procreate, and I think it looks pretty good.  It even has a finger smudge tool to soften the lines.)

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Day 20

The theme for today is “something orange” and the first thing I thought of is a Honda Element.  Mostly, probably, because someone I am close to drives one (drove, I guess, because she recently got a new car and now her husband drives it).  But also mostly because to me, the Honda Element IS orange.  A lot of cars have a specific color to me.  I think it because while they will all come in your basic white, black, red, beige, maroon, grey, etc, some models will have a specific color that seems to belong only to that type of car.  Honda Elements are orange, the Kia Soul is that light alien green color, the new Ford Feista is bright lime green, a PT Cruiser is in its element in Eggplant, VW Bugs are pale yellow, etc.

Day 20: Something Orange – A Honda Element!

Anyone else have this type of color association with cars?

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Day 19

The theme for Day 19 is “Something new.”  Initially, I was stumped.  The only new thing I’ve bought lately, besides groceries, is a lawn mower.  We had to have it, because the wheels literally fell off our old one, but I am not exactly excited about it. Plus, it wouldn’t make a very fun drawing.  Joseph suggested I draw our giant stack of New Yorker magazines (seriously, once a week is way too often for that much reading material – I can’t keep up!), with the newest one on top.

Then, lo and behold, out of the blue a good friend gave me a just-because gift, and now I am the proud owner of some new flamingo-themed tumblers!  Such a thoughtful gift, because I love barware and flamingos.  She also gave me a pack of matching napkins.  Now I can’t wait to have some friends over for cocktails.  What drink would fit best in these glasses?  Gin & tonic, mojito, or maybe an amaretto sour?  10 am on a Saturday is a little early, but who wants a drink?

Day 19: Something new

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